Jeffrey Maddox

Director Investment Banking

About Me


Jeffrey Maddox is a director of investment banking with BMO Capital Markets in Houston, Texas, where he has worked since 2019. Maddox joined the organization as a vice president in 2017. In May 2021, he joined BMO's SPAC Advisory Practice after previously working in the energy department. SPAC stands for special purpose acquisition company, and SPAC transactions are a specialist industry within investment banking. Maddox's extensive expertise prepared him to serve in this role for BMO.

BMO Capital Markets is a well-known and well-respected global financial services firm. The corporation was founded more than 200 years ago in Canada and is currently located in Toronto, with the Bank of Montreal as its parent company. BMO Capital Markets has offices in a number of key cities in the United States and across the world to support its corporate and investment banking, research, and advisory services.

Maddox was promoted to the SPAC Advisory Practice and director position as a result of his experience gained at BMO Capital Markets and in other capacities. Maddox works with target firms on the sell-side and SPACs on the buy-side in SPAC Advisory. This involves keeping in touch with SPAC's management and sponsors on a regular basis.